As fracing technology improves, production rates increase. This also increases sand production and potential erosion of production equipment which can present rigorous challenges and lead to a significant increase in a producer’s OPEX.

To keep up with increased production rates, Sandtinel's Research and Development Team leverages Computational fluid dynamics, or CFD, a powerful design tool that simulates and accurately predicts sand particle and flow behaviors, to design and continuously improve the efficiency of our sand management solutions.

We have gone through multiple product design iterations and modifications of our Sandtinel Sand Separator to continuously reduce sand carry-over and increase the ability to handle higher production rates.

To date, Sandtinel can handle 650 m3/day of total oil and produced water while maintaining a minimal .05% sand carry-over. And we're still going…

Want to see your well's potential? Send us your well data and we can show you exactly how it will perform in one of our vessels.

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