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Sandtinel Sand Separators

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Optimizing Flowback

for an Evolving Industry

We're setting the standard for sand separation with trailblazing solutions. 

Sandtinel Sand Separators will reduce fugitive emissions, eliminate downtime and boost productivity thanks to innovative, patented Vapor-Lok™ technology.  Filter-free and built with a minimized footprint, you can count on Sandtinel to remove between 95% and 100% of the solids in your liquid stream.

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Sand Separators

Sandtinel is pushing the limits of what’s possible in surface sand control by offering solutions on the cutting edge of performance. Our army of sophisticated sand separators can combat and eliminate produced sand in any basin and application, no matter the location or condition.

Our technology’s unparalleled performance removes over 95% of surface sand from production at a fraction of the footprint.

Do you want to know how you can use up to 50% less equipment and field personnel and achieve 55x less methane emissions, on every job, on every drain cycle?

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Unrivaled Surface Sand Control

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Sandtinel units dump sand rapidly, safely, and on-the-fly without requiring costly shut-ins of the well, additional personnel to rake sand out, or tedious cleaning of filters. Sandtinel sand separators consistently reduce and even eliminate fugitive natural gas emissions with a smaller footprint and less equipment needed than competing alternatives.

Choose Your Model

Sandtinel offers an array of sophisticated sand separators that work to eliminate produced sand in any basin, no matter how complex. 

Each Sandtinel vessel is built to combat different challenges and designed specifically to meet scenario needs or unique application. From single low-rate wells to high-rate, multi-well systems, the Sandtinel fleet can tackle any job, big or small. 

Sandtinel Curve Generator 

The Curve Generator is an online tool that helps you find the perfect Sandtinel separator for your facility. This tool helps you build a custom operating curve based on your pressure, flow rates, sand size, and similar data before recommending the perfect unit for your needs. 

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Vessel Defender Unit


Drillouts / Production
5,500 psi
10,000 BPD
300 lbs Capacity

The infantry & bedrock of the fleet, the Defender’s sheer power & adaptability can combat sand in any well condition, in any basin.

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Vessel Maverick Unit


Flowback / Production
5,500 psi
13,000 BPD
300 lbs Capacity

The fleet’s special force, Mavericks are called in for the most extreme well conditions & when fine sand is infiltrating production.

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Vessel Guardian


Flowback / Production
10,000 psi
13,000 BPD
300 lbs Capacity

Thriving in extreme conditions, the Guardian defends your equipment from erosion & degradation assaults.

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Vessel General Unit


Facilities / Multi-Well
1,440 psi
60,000 BPD
10,500 lbs Capacity

The admirals of the fleet, Generals command your facilities & multiwell pads by controlling, storing & eliminating vast quantities of sand.

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Why Choose

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Outfitted with cutting edge technology, industry leading modeling, and with the widest operating range of any system on the market today, this is the most advanced particle separation solution:

  • 95%+ sand capture rate
  • 55x fewer emissions on every drain cycle
  • Zero filters
  • Zero exposure
  • Zero downtime
  • Optional Sand Measurement System (SMS) for increased operating efficiency
  • Best in class sand separation efficiency in the industry 
  • Trusted by over 40 major companies in North America
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Powered by VL-TEK™

Sandtinel’s patented Vapor Lock Platform Technology (VL-TEK™) removes over 95% of produced sand from flowback operations and captures 20-60% more sand on average than competing separators on the market.


Sandtinel Mobile Lab Demo

Not all separators are made equal, at the end of the day it's what's on the inside that counts. Schedule your team's personal demonstration of the to-scale vessel, mobile lab with a Sandinel expert today. It's the only way to get an X-ray view of Sandtinel's superior separation process.

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It's our objective to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Through constant innovation and rigorous testing, we strive to provide industry-leading sand control solutions designed for maximum performance and wide range of application. We do this by:


Attracting Experts

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CFD Researchers

Passionate problem solvers, doers, and inventors from top universities.


Rapid Prototyping

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CFD Technology

A tool used to rapid prototype and develop particle separation innovations.


Technology Solutions

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Industry Leaders

The VL-TEK™, our core technology, is constantly tweaked, configured and adapted to evolving fracs and extreme well conditions.

Our Mission

Through technical innovation, Energera is guiding the energy industry toward safer, cleaner and more efficient practices. We work with many major companies to reform various aspects of the industry, taking a united approach to building a better future for everyone. 

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Through technical innovation, Energera is guiding the energy industry toward safer, cleaner and more efficient practices. We work with many major companies to reform various aspects of the industry, taking a united approach to building a better future for everyone. 
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