News Release | Energera Inc. Appoints David Sobernheim as Chief Operating Officer

Posted on September 22, 2021
By Jake Taylor
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Energera News Release

DENVER, CO – Energera Inc.™ is pleased to announce the appointment of David W. Sobernheim as Chief Operating Officer of Energera Inc.

David Sobernheim

David has a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines and a Masters in Petroleum and Geoscience Engineering from UT Austin. Career highlights include over 25 years with Schlumberger in positions ranging from Senior Staff Engineering supervising operational treatments, through Vice President, Engineering Advisor, Worldwide. He then spent three years with Keane Group LLC before moving on to a software startup for Energy Services.

“We are extremely excited to announce David’s appointment as Chief Operating Officer for the entire Energera Group of Companies. David’s experience with operational matters, and his background in artificial intelligence fits perfectly with the direction chosen by Energera.”

Todd Van Vliet, CEO and Founder of Energera

“I am thrilled to move into this key executive leadership role with Energera as we work together with industry and partners to bring innovative business offerings for the rapidly changing landscape in energy,” said David Sobernheim. “The combination of leading-edge technologies with operational excellence has always been my passion, and this role allows me the latitude to help steer a clear path to a brighter future of sustainable energy abundance.”

The Energera company of brands consists of established, industry leading product lines, distinctive in technology and application, with corresponding services forming the Energera Advantage. This includes the most sophisticated sand separator technology on the market in Sandtinel®, the world's first automated refuelling system for hydraulic fracturing, Frac Shack™, and the natural gas distribution and processing system known as the NG SideKick™.

ABOUT ENERGERA | Changing the World of Energy™

Beginning in 2011 with Frac Shack and following the acquisition of Sandtinel in 2020, Energera was created in 2021 recognizing the need for powerful and impactful enertech solutions. Energera stands as an industry leader for change enabling energy development that is smarter, greener, safer, and cleaner, charting a path forward to a world where energy has far less environmental impacts, more affordable, and readily available for all.

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