News Release | Frac Shack Inc. Announces Successful Launch of NG SideKicks

Posted on July 19, 2019
By Frac Shack
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ACHESON, AB – Frac Shack Inc. an Energera Inc.™ Company announced the launch of its newest innovation, the NG SideKick™ (SideKick).

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The SideKick is the industry’s most sophisticated on-pad gas processing unit that takes in field natural gas and processes it down to a safe and usable state for multiple uses on any location. The SideKick depressurizes, heats, and removes liquids and hydrocarbons from field natural gas to ensure the gas is safe and available for use in any natural gas and bi-fuel engine on a hydraulic fracturing location.

This technology enables Frac Shack’s customers to use their own energy on site, reducing the need to flare off clean burning natural gas. Additionally, the use of natural gas significantly reduces the need for diesel fuel, with substitution rates from 40 – 70% on large frac sites.

The first project with the SideKick was completed in Colorado with Extraction Oil & Gas (XOG) in 2019. The project was successful in taking Extraction’s field gas and processing it for use in Liberty Oilfield Services’ (LBRT) Bi-Fuel Quiet Fleet. The SideKick pairs perfectly with Frac Shack’s Bi-Fuel FracFueler™ unit, which is the world’s first automated, mobile diesel and natural gas distribution unit.

We are proud to be at the forefront of energy savings and efficiency for both producers and service companies and were delighted to work with the great teams at Extraction and Liberty who were enthusiastic about exploring these opportunities for their operation.

Todd Van Vliet, CEO and Founder of Frac Shack & Energera
Sales Contact:

Mike McAnear, [email protected]

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