Frac Shack™ solutions are transitioning the industry away from pure diesel to bi-fuel spreads and are compatible with CNG, LNG, Pipeline Gas, or Field Gas.
Frac Shack Ng Sidekick

Leading The Industry in Automated Frac Fuelling Systems

Established in 2012, Frac Shack™ was the first to introduce the concept of automated frac fuelling to the industry. Today, our proprietary FracFuelers are trusted by some of the most prolific producers operating in some of the most challenging basins in the world.


Frac Shack™’s plug-and-play solutions allow for complete control of all aspects of refuelling the pumper systems, not only making traditional operations much safer, but also saving time and money on every job.

Efficient Set-Up

Entirely self-contained and self-sufficient, each unit seamlessly integrates into existing systems for fast and simple transitions.

About Our Fuel Delivery Systems

FracShack™ is advancing energy technology to offer safe, low-carbon solutions that help partners increase output, minimize environmental impact, and comply with global emission standards. Each FracFueler™ system allows hot fuelling on the frac pad without the intense danger of fuel spray, putting safety at the forefront and improving worksite efficiency.



  • Built-in computer logic and hydrostatic sensors for automated refuelling, monitoring & issue detection.
  • Automation significantly reduces on-site staffing requirements from 12 to 2.
  • Manual or automated modes with tank level monitoring every 5 seconds, accessible wirelessly on and off-site.


  • Eliminates hydrocarbon spill risks, ensuring environmental safety.
  • Fast mobilization and demobilization with less-than-full tanks reduce roadside spill risks.
  • Designed for easy technology updates and versatile plug-and-play configurations, extending asset lifespan and reducing environmental impact.


  • Automated underfill and overfill protection with on/off pump control. No splash filling.
  • Double containment at critical points & no pressurized fuel lines.
  • Full failure mode analysis and P&IDs available.


  • Materially reduces CO2e emissions and risk of spills and injury.
  • Absence of idling results in reduced GHG emissions.
  • A variety of delivery methods reduce GHG emissions present through traditional refuelling methods.


Fuel on the fly with no pressurized lines, the Frac Shack™ FracFueler™ reduces spills, eliminates non-productive time, and removes workers from high-risk, hazardous hot zones.

XP FracFueler™

20 diesel lines with optional onboard diesel storage up to 30,000 litres/7,900 gallons

XPX FracFueler™

24-28 diesel lines with optional onboard diesel storage up to 30,000 litres/7,900 gallons

H-Series FracFueler™

28 diesel lines, no onboard diesel storage (ties into larger peripheral fuel storage on location)
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With the current demand for cheaper and cleaner-burning fuel, Frac Shack™ introduced the Bi-Fuel FracFueler™, the industry’s first combined diesel and natural gas distribution unit.
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Standard Bi-Fuel FracFueler™

14 diesel lines, 14 natural gas lines, 7,900 Gallon diesel storage

XP Bi-Fuel FracFueler™

24 diesel lines, 20 natural gas lines, no onboard diesel storage (ties into larger peripheral fuel storage on location)

XPX Bi-Fuel FracFueler™

26 diesel lines, 28 natural gas lines, no onboard diesel storage (ties into larger peripheral fuel storage on location)
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Bi Fuel Frac Ngsidekick
Bi Fuel Frac Banner
The NG SideKick™ is the industry’s most sophisticated on-pad gas processing unit. This system ensures field natural gas is safe and ready for use in any natural gas or bi-fuel engine at hydraulic fracturing locations.

  1. Decompresses gas from field pipelines or well sites, so the pressure is safe and useable for bi-fuel engines.
  2. Conditions the NG flow, separating potential water and heavier hydrocarbons from the useable light NG required for bi-fuel operations.
  3. Heats the gas so the temperature is right for engine use.
  4. Monitors the composition of the gas being distributed to the frac spread.
This technology allows partners using our Frac Shack™ to harness their own energy on-site, cutting down natural gas flaring and reducing diesel dependency with substitution rates of 40-70% on large frac sites.
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